8 Insights Men Needs Know Women –What are they?


Just what we mentioned in our previous article, “8 insights women needs to know about men”, men and women are very differently wired and there are some things that can give you a head start if you know them which otherwise takes some time to figure out, if you ever do.

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Here come a few insights for men about women. Please keep in mind that everyone is unique and all these pointers may not apply to all women:

  1. Don’t interrupt or present solutions when a woman shares her problems.

The chance is high she only needs a listening ear. For a woman, attentive listening is of great value. She will let you know if she needs you to help her come up with solutions.

  1. Women’s self-esteem is like a wave in the sea; it rises and falls; it goes up and then it comes down.

She may be emotionally on high and on low on the same day. Just be there and try to understand how she feels when she shares with you and try to speak comforting and encouraging words.

  1. Women usually solve their problems by sharing them with you.

Women like to share their problems and may find a solution as they share. Be ready to listen.

  1. Women’s self-esteem is largely determined by her feelings and the quality of her relationships.

As such, you play a big part in determining how your woman sees herself.

  1. Women thrive on affectionate words such as “I love you” and “you are the only one for me.”

Say it often. Affectionate words are like water in the desert; it brings life and change. Make it a point to speak loving words to your woman on a daily basis.

  1. As the sense of security is very high for women, aim to give her that by faithfully showing her love and care as well as providing financially for her and the family.

Let her feel that you are always there for her, and that you are in control of your financial situation. Also, do involver her in your plans and decisions, whether it pertains to your own personal life or it is a couple matter. She wants to feel part of your life – that makes her feel secure.

  1. A woman likes to feel good about herself.

Create an atmosphere at home of encouragement and praise by sincerely communicating good things to her; things you really mean. That will make her day.

  1. Women want to be cared for.

Showing care and concern on a daily basis by asking her how she is, as well as showing her physical affection, will make her feel loved and cared for.

Men, if you have these eight points in the back of your mind, it will help you to better understand and support your woman, when you naturally can’t seem to figure things out.