Best Wedding Photographer In Mumbai


Are You Looking For The Best Wedding Photographer In Mumbai?

Amit Desai is one of the very best wedding photographers from Mumbai, India. As a Candid Destination Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer from Mumbai his passion for wedding photography is what truly drives him to set higher and newer standards of wedding photography in India.

Indian weddings especially are full of heartfelt emotions & feelings that hold true and deep. They are a coming together of two beautiful individuals and their families.

As one of the best wedding photographers from Mumbai, India, we truly understand & acknowledge that wedding is one of the most important and memorable events in the life of an Individual. We cannot tell you what big a difference it makes, when you choose the right photographer for capturing your wedding. It helps the bride and the groom to be so much more relaxed.

When you are relaxed on the D-Day, it even shows in your pictures! They come out so much better!

Gone are the days when wedding photography was merely about capturing only the people, the bride, the groom & their respective families. Today in India, Photojournalistic Wedding Photography is slowly coming of age.

Wedding Photography in the South East Asian Market especially in India is evolving & growing at a very rapid pace! A lot more is expected from a photographer these days!

As one of the best wedding photographer in Mumbai, India, we know that wedding photography & videography / cinematography has seen a monumental shift in terms of quality thanks to the advent of digital media & technology!

Whether you have a large family in Delhi, a fun-filled cocktail party in Mumbai, or a beautiful beach wedding in Goa or the Maldives, deciding on the right wedding photographer or a wedding photojournalist makes a world of a difference!!!

You may serve the best food and wine to your guests, maybe even book a 7-star hotel for your wedding… but all of that lasts only for a while… what remains are your memories & the emotions & feelings that you shared together on the most important day of your life.

Amit Desai at Art Pixel Photography is a highly experienced Candid Photo Journalistic Photographer. His knowledge of the wedding photography craft is what sets him apart. He fully knows what’s best for you in order to make your Wedding Photography & Cinematography an unforgettably blissful & pleasant experience so that you don’t have to stress yourself much on the BIG Day!!!

The only thing that will remain with you long after your wedding is over are your memories & the photographs that were clicked on your D-DAY. You may compromise everything else but can you really afford to compromise on your wedding photography? I hope not!

Here are a few of my favorite wedding photographs I got the opportunity to click at Prive, Colaba (Cocktail Party) & Hyatt Regency, Mumbai (Ring Ceremony, Wedding & Reception)

Hemal & Sarju have always been a fun loving couple with loads of love for one another which is clearly evident from the photographs below. As one of the top Wedding Photographer’s in Mumbai, India, me & my team had a blast clicking both Hemal & Sarju as they were really nice and fun to be with.

They gave me a lot of creative liberties and allowed me to experiment, go wild and crazy with unconventional angles, creative photographic techniques & slick post-production & processing!

Congratulations to you both Hemal & Sarju! You are one of my favorite couples and I truly had an awesome time capturing you guys! God bless & loads of love…