Bitcoin Gold Proof Stability – Know about the proof of stability


This year has been a year of big changes for the cryptocurrency industry. Since last January we have seen an expanding number of exchanges adding a trading feature which enables investors to trade Bitcoin for precious metals; the first Exchange to offer this option was Coinabul, but several other followed.

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Early this month Quadriga CX, a Canadian exchange has added gold to its roster alongside CAD, USD and XBT. Costumers can now buy and sell XAU (gold). Users can now both deposit and withdraw funds into their accounts via gold bullion, shipped or in person.

The Vancouver based exchange was the first physically trade Litecoin and now it becomes one of few exchanges in the world to add gold to its trading pairs. This seems to be what’s missing from devaluations in the level of gold and silver value and investors have taken advantage of the dip in Bitcoin by trading in the precious metal for the digital currency. This year we have been seeing a rising of trades being made for bitcoin and precious metals. Quadriga CX announce in their site:

“Quadriga CX is the first Bitcoin Exchange in Canada to offer Bitcoin/Gold trades! Users are now able to trade on our XBT/XAU platform, trading Bitcoins for ounces of real gold. You can also now fund your account with gold bullion, and request withdrawals in Royal Canadian Mint 1oz Gold Bars!”

This Company doesn’t have as much volume as other Canadian exchanges like Canadian Bitcoins or VirtEx, nevertheless, its popularity has been rising due to several interesting factors and options that we can find in their platform. They are currently the cheapest exchange in Canada operating only with 0.5% trading fees having no charges for deposits and withdrawals; also at QuadrigaCX, verified users can make instant same-day deposits and withdrawals.

The company is very optimistic regarding this new feature. They argue that gold represents a means of storing value that remains of interest to many alternative currency users and this is a feature that can, and will attract a new set of investors. Although not as easy to transmit as cryptocurrencies, gold is resilient to technological failure; it is backed by direct demand, and therefore cannot be arbitrarily created.

QuadrigaCX is also very proud of its high security because nobody wants their funds gambled on a fractional reserve system; so they have a vault system, similar to other exchanges, and all deposits are backed by gold held in their own vault. It seems that many companies have adopted a similar security system similar to escrow services, but with an equal guarantee held in a physical vault. The notion out of this is that Bitcoin is getting out the “virtual realm” to become a real physical value asset conferring it a wider sense of stability.

Is this Proof of Stability?

Several other exchanges are adopting gold for trading with cryptocurrencies and big internet based Companies such as Paypal and Ebay are planning to integrate virtual currencies. Apparently the tides are changing and the signs of acceptance are becoming to be more real; the more real uses there are for Bitcoin, there will be smaller percentages of speculative trades and, the smaller the changes in its price, the more people will accept Bitcoin as a payment option. When we look at Bitcoin price over the course of these last three months, we can see that there have been fewer and not so harsher swings; this is strong evidence of increasing price stability. Essentially the wilder the swings in its value, the less useful Bitcoin are as a tool of commerce. So Exchanges adopting gold to be traded for Bitcoin at their own risk should be regarded as a new stage of mainstream financial acceptance.