Bodyguarding – 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Working


Protecting a person (often a well-known, affluent, or politically influential person) from hazards including assault, abduction, stalking, loss of private information, terrorist attacks, and other perils is a bodyguard’s primary function (also known as a Close safety officer). Bodyguards are used by many high-profile individuals, including politicians, CEOs, and other notable community members, such as governors and mayors. Significantly weakening key community results are usually accompanied by a single guard, who may or may not also function as a driver.

The Executive Protection Foundation lacks the resources to protect its members adequately

The majority of today’s EP professionals have received formal education and training. Employing a massive and scary man is now a thing of the past. If you don’t have any activity on your CV, you might consider taking courses at one of the top-ranked institutions and universities. The London bodyguard services have the best choices there.

This is not how it should be done

No one has gotten back to you after you say you sent out 30 resumes. What happened? Your responsibilities are clear. Have you done your homework on the businesses or persons to whom your materials have been sent, and have you taken the initiative and spent some time doing so? Do you know why you’re so certain that they’ll hire you? Have you double-checked to see whether you’ve followed the submission guidelines strictly? I just advertised a job for an associate requiring a Bachelor’s Degree.

Where have you put your persistence?

In the context of this profession, “tenacity” means perseverance and an unyielding will to achieve. So, you’ve submitted your resume to a company that seems to be a good fit for you. Remember that executive protection is a “stick to it” kind of job. Therefore you must have the proper credentials and be an excellent follower of orders.

There isn’t any kind of network in place

Advertising isn’t always necessary to fill many jobs in this market. A small group of talented people can sustain opportunities via word of mouth, professional contacts, and personal friendships. A network of individuals may be built for your advantage if you know how to do it well. The creation of a network requires extensive study and creative thinking.

Be creative in everything that you do

“Think outside the box,” as the expression goes, is to look at things from a different perspective than what you’re accustomed to. One of my favourite anecdotes involves a former Lexus salesman. In terrible economic times, people don’t go car buying. Therefore the dealership didn’t have any customers. A wealthy country club nearby offered him the opportunity to demonstrate the vehicles to its members, so he agreed to a deal with the club and moved 10 cars there. Because of his efforts, not only did he reach his goal, but the dealership’s car sales increased dramatically! Consider alternatives to the typical “submit a resume” approach to contacting potential employers.

Be Constantly Inventive

Now is an excellent time to reinvent yourself and your talents because of the hardships you face and the need of working to survive. In light of this, here are some considerations: Preparations for the Christmas shopping season are set to get underway. Various venues, including country clubs and hotels, music venues, theatres, restaurants, clubs, and retail stores, will host special events.