City Of Ashes Book


Much like City of Bones this book underwhelmed me. It was by no means bad in any way, just pretty average honestly and mostly predictable.

I was hoping things would start to pick up in this book since in City of Bones it felt mostly like setting the world and characters up and introducing us to everything. This one kind of felt the same way to me. It’s like I can tell that something big will happen eventually and it will probably blow my mind but right now everything just feels like filler to get to that point. I started City of Glass yesterday so I feel as if I’ve already forgotten everything that happened in City of Ashes, or maybe it’s because not much happened at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We pick up very quickly from where City of Bones left off. We now know that Jace is Clary’s brother, evil and conniving Valentine is their Father, and Clary’s mother is in a magically induced coma that no one understands how to fix. Jace is suddenly willing to betray everything and everyone he loves by helping and plotting with his terrible father, which was confusing to me at best. Simon professes his love to Clary and they begin a weird and awkward relationship. Oh and Downworlder children are being slaughtered while Valentine steals the second Mortal Instrument, the Soul Sword. So I guess some things really did happen after all.

Let’s chat about the relationships in this book for a minute. First Jace and Clary. I SO wish these two were not siblings because UGH I would ship them so hard. It is still weird knowing they have feelings for each other even after finding out how closely they are related. There was also a scene in this book where Clary was trapped in the Seelie Court and the Seelie Queen said only a kiss from the person she desires most will break her free, and naturally that person was Jace. So things got a bit.. awkward and also passionate for a minute there.

Next Alec and Magnus. I think Magnus is really growing on me because I loved him in this book. He is so sassy and outgoing and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about him so he appears to be incredibly true to himself. And that includes being honest with himself on his feelings toward Alec. They both like each other but Alec is so afraid of admitting to anyone that he is gay that it puts a damper on the potential relationship they could have. I hope Alec realizes eventually that everyone knows already and loves him for who he is.

Next Simon and Clary. This one confused me in City of Bones and confuses me even more in City of Ashes. I understand that Simon has loved Clary basically his whole life and Clary only sees him as the brother she wished she had (so Jace could be her loveeeeee) but I find their ‘relationship’ incredibly awkward. They basically start dating on a whim and it feels strained and forced and there is NO chemistry between them. You can tell that Clary is only with Simon because she feels guilty about still having feelings for Jace.

Onto something different: Valentine. Can I make a weird comparison here? Valentine to me seems like Voldemort from Harry Potter. Here me out on this. We have this far off villain that only really shows up at the end of the book. He then causes chaos and mayhem while revealing secrets only he knows. THEN he somehow manages to juuuuust narrowly escape the clutches of our teenage heroes until we repeat this cycle in the next book.

I see a trend here. It happened in City of Bones and it happened in City of Ashes. I’m going into City of Glass assuming the same thing will happen at the end also. Actually, the same thing will probably happen in all of them until he is finally defeated in City of Heavenly Fire.


I will leave it at that before I continue spiraling down into this book. So far City of Glass is the best yet, much better than the first two books so maybe this series will finally get above a 3 star rating from me.