Common Types of Supplements Used For Muscle Building

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Muscle building is a very common practice among people, but it’s difficult to achieve. While there are many ways in which one can build up muscles, we have found the best way of doing that through the use of supplements.

It’s important to note that not all supplements are effective for muscle building purposes. Some are meant only to enhance your body’s performance or boost your metabolism; however, some supplements are actually intended to help you grow stronger and bigger muscles faster. Here are some of the most popular supplements on the market today that you should definitely consider using if you want to increase your muscle mass.


If you are serious about growing bigger muscles, then this supplement might be right for you. Creatine is an amino acid produced by our bodies that helps us produce energy and fight fatigue. It also acts as a buffer against stress and allows the body to recover from exercise better.

When taken with proper nutrition, creatine increases muscle growth by 20% and fat loss by 10%. The reason why it works so well with a good diet is because it increases the rate at which protein gets broken down into amino acids, which triggers more muscle synthesis. This means that when you take creatine along with protein, you get double the amount of amino acids in your blood stream, which leads to increased muscle growth.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you need to consume it before you start working out or it will just make you feel tired and bloated after every workout session. So, you should always remember to take it before your workouts.

How to take creatine

You can buy creatine powder online, but the safest way to do it is to buy creatine pills. These are usually available in 5g, 15g, 25g, and 50g doses.


The other supplement that has been proven to increase muscle mass is arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that helps the body repair damaged tissue and improves the efficiency of the immune system. A study done in 2017 in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that taking arginine boosts muscle strength by 8%, while increasing the size of muscle fibers by 13%.

So, how can you benefit from arginine?

Consuming it before any type of exercise is recommended. If you already work out regularly, then you could try consuming it before each workout session. However, if you don’t work out often, then you can simply take it once a day in the morning before breakfast.

But if you want to build big muscles quickly, then taking it 2-3 times a day is recommended. Remember that you need to take it in divided doses, so you don’t overdose.


This amino acid is another supplement that has been shown to be effective in increasing muscle size and strength. It also reduces soreness and stiffness after a workout session. It does this because it stimulates muscle growth and repairs damaged tissues, thus making them strong again.

However, L-glutamine doesn’t do much for those who aren’t physically active. In fact, studies show that supplementation with L-glutamine isn’t really necessary unless you are a competitive athlete.

How to take L-Glutamine?

Since L-glutamine is water soluble, it can easily pass through the digestive tract. You can buy this supplement in tablet form and take it directly before bedtime.


Caffeine is one of the most commonly used stimulants in the world. It helps improve your brain power, increases your endurance, and provides mental stimulation. Caffeine also makes you focus better, which is why it’s extremely helpful when studying. But did you know that caffeine can also help build muscle?

A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine revealed that adding caffeine to your regular training regimen can significantly increase muscle growth.

When combined with creatine, caffeine was able to increase muscle size by 19%. So, if you like to stay awake during the night while playing video games, you could add this supplement to your routine to avoid feeling sleepy during sleep time.

HMB (Hypertrophy Maximizer)

Another supplement that can greatly assist you in gaining muscle mass is HMB. It’s a derivative of vitamin B5 that prevents muscle breakdown and increases protein synthesis.

In addition, HMB helps you burn more calories through boosting your metabolic rate. It also keeps you energetic throughout the day, which is great for those who have a busy schedule and struggle to find enough time to go for a run, jog, or work out.

To put it simply, HMB can help you build muscle faster than other supplements alone. Studies show that it increases muscle mass by 9% after 4 weeks without lifting weights. And when combined with creatine, the results are even better. Muscle mass increased by up to 23% compared to placebo.

Whey Protein Isolate

There are two types of whey protein – hydrolyzed and isolate. Hydrolyzed whey protein is less expensive and quicker to digest, but isolate is better for those who are bulking up and looking for a more substantial product. However, both products are useful for those who want to gain weight faster.

The main difference between these two types of whey protein is that hydrolysed whey contains enzymes that break down proteins into amino acids, while isolate contains no enzymes. Since enzymes are needed for the body to properly absorb nutrients, isolates are often preferred over hydrolysed whey protein. In addition, they provide more leucine per gram than hydrolysed whey protein, which leads to higher rates of protein synthesis.

However, since isolate is pricier, it may not be suitable for everyone. A lot depends on the person’s dietary habits and his or her health condition.

There are no side effects of bodybuilding powder but most of the people are having a common thinking that taking it can cause many types of different diseases to them which have no cure. It is not true as anyone can take these powder but they just have to use it in minimum amount as we all know that taking overdose of anything can cause side effects.


Even though niacinamide is classified as a vitamin, it can greatly assist athletes on their quest for muscle growth. Niacinamide increases the rate at which you burn calories and helps boost your energy levels. It’s also known to reduce inflammation, which means that it can help prevent injuries during muscle building exercises.

Niacinamide also has a high antioxidant content, meaning that it can protect your cells from free radicals, which cause damage to your DNA. As such, it can help restore healthy cellular functions and keep your skin protected and hydrated. It can also aid healing, as it promotes collagen production.

Although niacinamide is generally safe, it can interact with medications you take, so consult your doctor first before starting taking it. You can buy it in tablets or as a cream, depending on your preference.