Dragon Ball Merchandize for you to Find and Buy

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For many Dragon Ball fans, simply watching the show isn’t enough, prompting them to seek for memorabilia. Some of these are really difficult to come by. The Dragon Ball franchise’s inexhaustible supply of collectibles and souvenirs is a key element of its juggernaut status. For many fans, simply viewing their favorite show isn’t enough, and they want to own established of their main stars. Thankfully, there is a never-ending supply of collectibles and items to satisfy them (and increase the wealth of Bandai and their partners.)

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Dragon Ball fans of all shapes and sizes are tremendously pampered merely by the sheer volume of merchandise available. Action figures, Dragon Ball replicas, video games, extremely realistic statues, and much more are all available. Despite the seemingly endless supply of products for fans to devour, there is a component of the collection that is simply not as accessible or plentiful. Certain things have faded into obscurity, as they have in all collector markets, and these exceedingly rare pieces cost a significant amount of monetary worth, whether their owners are purchasing or selling.

The “Super Battle” figures served as the foundation for the majority of Western toy lines, and they were widely distributed around the world. Despite this, a three-pack portraying Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks with a unique paint scheme has become a sought-after collectible. This Super Battle Collection Three Pack is extremely rare and worth at least $1200. Finding one that is complete in the box and in virtually immaculate condition is a difficult, if not impossible, endeavor. If only the Dragon Radar could be of use to you!

Frieza’s father, King Cold, appeared to be an adversary until Trunks vanquished him with the ease of blinking his eyes. It’s only fitting, then, that King Cold’s Tokyo Toy Festival exclusive is as unusual for seeing the character on whom it’s based feature for more than a few seconds all throughout franchise. The statue, which depicts King Cold sitting smugly on his throne, is not only rare, but also becoming increasingly precious, with prices ranging from $300 to $1600 or more.

King Piccolo is an enormous force of terrible horror and the appropriate threat to reinforce Dragon Ball’s metamorphosis into a more action-focused theme. He is the evil version of Kami, Piccolo’s father, and the most fearsome enemy from the original Dragon Ball. This terrible monarch, like King Cold above, was given the exclusive Tokyo Toy Festival treatment and, strangely enough, is likewise seated on a throne. This uncommon object is priced around $800, give or take, and while it is expensive and difficult to come by, it may be worth it for serious collectors

Figures based on Dragon Ball were released somewhat late in the game by Jakks Pacific. Considering this, their models were often of greater quality in terms of sculpt, paint, and movement than many of their counterparts, particularly Bandai’s Super Battle Collection’s pathetic offerings. One of their rarest pieces is a two-pack of Gohan and Cell with branding for the then-new Dragon Ball Z Budokai video game, which legions of collectibles are still hoping to get their hands on.

The Dragon Ball Raging Blast mini-franchise didn’t exactly light the globe on fire, and it didn’t exactly revolutionize the combat genre either. In fact, we’re willing to wager that until you saw the title of this piece, you had no idea the two games in the series existed. Despite this, the Overseas Version of the Raging Blast 2 soundtrack is a very uncommon and expensive piece of Dragon Ball collectible memorabilia. Essentially, just samples of the final game’s music were included in this rendition of the soundtrack, which was only provided to composers and game developers. You can also check this link for Dragon Ball Clothing.