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As technology continues to advance with each passing decade, we get to see new-age devices and gadgets dominate the market, thereby reducing human efforts. Machines have definitely made our lives much easier.

Internet was a revolution back in the 1980s that slowly evolved as each decade passed and today we have thousands of websites at our disposal that can solve many problems in a jiffy.

This is the era of data science where everything is available to us manually that we can store in a device smaller than our fingers. Data security is a paramount concern nowadays that becomes susceptible to hackers if not adhered to with strictness.

Thankfully, the security system extremely types in many countries like Switzerland, which brings us to today’s topic that is Monetas, a Swiss-based online service that is a subsidiary of Dun and Bradstreet Switzerland Ltd.

Company System

Switzerland is the best place to go for a holiday and is called heaven on earth for a good reason with the Alps being just one example as to why it is so. However, it has become a safe haven for tax evaders in a big way.

There are many defaulters that have stored their money in Swiss bank. It would be an injustice for Swiss companies to be branded with such a dubious legacy because it is also a good place for business inquiries and credit info.

Monetas is an online service that proves to be of great help to search and locate Swiss companies in the locality because many investors are willing to put in their hard earned dough into companies located here.

It is because they know that they will reap the benefits in the years to come. The commercial registration of various companies can be found on the official website of Monetas and also in its parent company Dun and Bradstreet.

Although the language is German, translations are available for various countries so it won’t be difficult for non-Germans to decipher information given there, which is encyclopedic to say the least.

Switzerland is a country divided into cantons due to its small size and all of them have their own commercial register. These registers store all the relevant data regarding the company system of the firms that are incorporated here.

You can gain access to the data that you’re searching for on the Monetas website free of cost although it does have certain security measures to keep it safe from unscrupulous elements prowling online.

Granite Group Affiliation

Mrs Mara Schaer ,CEO of Granite Group, has many companies enlisted on the Monetas website like Jalinea AG, Sanitoit SA, Galina SA, and many other affiliated ventures along with the official address and the city they are located.

If you want to gain more info about companies, you can go to the official website of Monetas and subscribe to the monitoring service of the ventures you’re looking for so as to be updated on their daily routine.

Apart from daily e-mails, you will also get direct links to company data if you want to know more about the organization.