Fast Weight Loss And Muscle Building

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Back in the weight loss, muscle building and flat-ab-building laboratory of life, we have been testing out some strategies that have proven to deliver very fast body fat loss and ab definition while maintaining lean muscle.

Before getting to those strategies, here’s a powerful tip for you to start using today to turbocharge your physique changing pace…

Set A Goal. Not just any goal.

For example, you may have a goal to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again or get a new bikini. Nope! I don’t believe that those goals are BIG enough for most of us. I mean a really big goal that will motivate and drive you.

For some of our members, a big goal is an upcoming wedding or class reunion. For others it might be a beach vacation or meeting that special someone. The bottom line is that is has to drive you. It doesn’t matter if it is important to anyone else. It only matters that it inspires you to take action…and keep taking action until the goal is reached.

Goal Guidelines:

  1. Write it down. If you don’t it will be quickly forgotten in the busy-ness of life.
  2. Put the goal (written) where you can see it several times each day (bathroom mirror, fridge, at work, in your car).
  3. Make it positive. (ex: I am excited to look fantastic in my new bikini and weigh XXX pounds by the time I go on my vacation in 10 weeks).
  4. Think about the goal several times each day and make it vivid with pictures of the successful outcome.

OK, now for some strategies that have been working for me over the past 8 weeks. In the spirit of full-disclosure, I have ben working out 6 days/week and taking Tuesdays off as a rest day. Weight lifting 3 days each week and High Intensity Interval Cardio 3 days per week (treadmill “hill” sprints, heavy rope intervals, Beachbody Combat DVDs).

  1. Eat protein with every meal (chicken, wild caught salmon, sardines, herring, turkey, grass-fed beef, lean pork, lamb)
  2. Eat lots of cut-up veggies throughout the day (green/red/yellow and orange peppers, cukes, radishes, celery) with meals and snacks.
  3. Drink more water
  4. Start the day with two big glasses of water with organic lemon juice added (great way to cleanse your system to start the day)
  5. Eat 6 times each day (including meals and snacks)
  6. Make dinner (the last meal of your day) your lightest meal. Ex: Grilled salmon or chicken, green salad, steamed veggies
  7. Take a rest day (or two) each week and get enough sleep.

This routine will absolutely work for anyone. of course you will want to modify it or tone it down to match your level of health and fitness. Remember, the critical starting point is to find a goal big enough to drive you toward it. Once you start seeing your body change it will get much easier to stick with your program.

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