Foods That Help In Weight Loss

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You must have heard quite a lot of people and weight loss programs telling you what food to avoid when you are trying to lose weight. However, there are also certain foods that help you lose weight. They create a fat burning atmosphere in your body. And before you start thinking this is going to add any costs, you should be informed that these foods are most easily available around you and perhaps is in your refrigerator right now!

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1) Water –

The importance of water is not understood well by most people. Quite a lot of times, fat gets accumulated in the body, even after regular exercising due to faulty metabolism. One way to help smoothen the digestive processes is by consuming water. Most people will consume water only when they are thirsty. But, by the time we actually feel thirst, our body is already quite dehydrated. Therefore, you should have water at regular intervals irregular of whether you feel thirsty or not. Furthermore, sometimes thirst is misinterpreted as hunger by our brain. Drink adequate amount of water, a glass when you feel hungry. Water also helps in proper and easy excretion of toxic wastes from the body.

2) Fruits and Vegetables –

You have perhaps heard this before. But what you should know is that there are certain fruits and vegetables that help in weight loss more than others. For example, banana and mango might not be the ideal weight loss fruits. But papaya, water melon, and other water packed fruits not only make you feel full but also help in weight loss. Tomato, gourd and cucumber are some vegetables that help in weight loss apart from green leafy vegetables. Don’t follow a boring plan. Make fruit and vegetable salads and dress them with oregano, black salt and such condiments to make them delicious.

3) Yoghurt –

The benefits of yoghurt have been long known in most cultures. It helps burn fat fast and effectively. You can have a bowl of yoghurt with each meal. You could even mix your fruits and vegetables with yoghurt and black salt for an excellent taste. However, do not buy yoghurt that has been flavored with sugar and other sweeteners. This will do more harm than good. Apart from stimulating fat burning processes in the body, yoghurt also helps smoothen the various digestive processes thereby eliminating waste and toxic materials effectively. This will give you a fresher, more vigorous feel throughout the day.

4) Pulses and sprouts –

Green gram, black gram and other pulses are packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. They help you feel full and you can have a large quantity without worrying about the side effects. Since they don’t have fats or carbohydrates, they can help you create a deficit. That is, when you have pulses and are exercising too, the fat that is burned by exercise does not get replaced by consuming pulses. This helps you to lose weight.