How To Get Her To Open Up To You


Men and women communicate differently and have different ways in using language. Men use words only to convey specific information or to drive home a point, while women use language to feel a connection with their man. This is why it is sometimes difficult to get your wife or girlfriend to listen or get them to talk to you. Do not despair, however, as there is hope.

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A healthy two-way communication is vital for any relationship to survive. If you want to make her open up to you to enhance intimacy and increase your bond with her, there are a lot of things that can encourage your woman to lower her guard and open her emotions to you. Here are some tips on what you can do and say to her.

  • Set an example

If you want to be treated the way you need to be treated, you must first show her how it is done. Be the spouse that you want, not literally though. To get her to listen to you, for example, show that you are interested in what she has to say and let her feel that you care; but do not make her think that you just want her to reciprocate your gesture. This will not work as it will just convey the wrong message.

Be sincere in showing her the type of partner you desire to have a relationship with. Show her that you are genuinely interested in establishing good communication lines with her.

  • Speak the language she understands

In a relationship, the man typically craves for respect while the woman needs empathy. When you need to communicate with your partner, do it in a way that will address her needs. In other words, empathize with her and connect to her heart.

Here are some phrases and words that will get your partner to open up to you and share even her innermost feelings.

  • I understand why you feel that way; I would feel the same way if I were in your position

Acknowledging her feelings shows that you share her sentiments and validates her emotions. Sometimes, women just need to be heard and know that her man has compassion for her. So don’t tell her what she should do or offer any unsolicited advice.

  • I’m always here for you

Your woman needs to be assured that you are in a relationship with her for the long haul and that you will be gone at the slightest hint of difficulties. It is important that you make her feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Let her know that you will not abandon her, especially in times of need.

  • We’re on the same team. How can I help?

She needs to know that you are always on her side, ready to support and take good care of her. You are a team and whatever and whoever she may be in conflict with, you will always take her side.

  • Without you, I have no idea where I would be. You mean the world to me

Words like these send the message that you value your spouse and you recognize her true worth to you. Hearing you say them will make your bond stronger and make her feel more connected to you.

  • I feel so happy and at the same time lucky to have you

Using “I” statements like this to convey to her how you really feel about her exposes your vulnerable side. Hearing it from you will definitely melt her heart and will encourage her to be more open with her own emotions.

  • Baby, you look so pretty tonight, or Wow honey, you look incredibly hot!

This will work if you want her to open up to you in terms of intimacy. Saying something along these lines while giving her a long, tight hug until she lets go; and then continuously raving about how hot and beautiful she looks will surely make her fall for you even more – and willingly give in to what you want.

  • Don’t walk away

If you do not get what you want from your spouse, or if you are facing a problem in your relationship from something that your partner may have done, it is tempting to just retreat and get even with her. This is counter-productive and will not help resolve the issues you may be currently having. In fact, will just widen your communication gap even more.

Talk to her with an open mind and try to understand where she is coming from instead of recoiling or retreating. Show her that you are willing to offer a solution to the problem or an alternative.

  • Set your expectations

Find a quiet time and tell her that you need to talk about what you expect from your relationship. Let her know that it is very important for you. This is best done face to face, preferably while holding her hands and looking her in the eyes. Be clear on what you expect from your partner. Likewise, let her know that you are truly concerned about your lack of communication; do not just assume, tell her that.

There is nothing like being in a relationship where both spouses are open to each other. Follow these simple tips and in no time, you will enjoy a healthy two-way communication with your partner. She will open up to you and will freely tell you everything, especially how she feels.