How to Join The Right Minecraft Survival Server?


Using Minecraft survival servers is quite popular among people. Especially the ones that have been playing the game for a while. Many are aware of all the benefits that come with joining a Minecraft server. Minecraft survival servers help a player play a safe game and last longer. It involves playing a part of the team with other players.

You might have also observed an abundance of options available online when you are interested in joining a survival server. There are too many options to consider from. But how do you know that you are joining the right server that can help you take your game to another level of excellence?

Tips for choosing the right server

Here are some tips you must consider while choosing a Minecraft survival server.

  • Explore: One of the key features of choosing a good server starts by exploring all the available options. There might be many options available, but a person must see what all options are there. Restricting yourself only to the above few servers might leave you unaware of all other and even better options than you could have considered.
  • Type: This is the most important thing to look for before you join a server. If you aim to join a survival server only, make sure that the server is dedicated to survival only. There are also servers dedicated to creativity, which helps make a better village rather than enhancing the chances of survival. Know your strategy well before you choose which type of server you want.
  • Population: population involved in the server plays a crucial role in one’s experience. Some players like to be involved in big servers with more than 100 players, whereas there are also players who like a more intimate server with less than 50 players. One must choose the server according to their comfort level. However, it is recommended to avoid going for servers with too few players.
  • Grief protection: Many players look for grief protection before they’ve joined a respective server; grief protection includes taking care of the village in times of an attack so that the resources and the loss from the attack can recover effectively. Some servers provide grief protection, whereas some may not. A player needs to be aware of the server they plan to join provides the same or not.
  • Mini-games: Some servers also offer mini-games to the players that join the server. These mini-games can be beneficial if you wish to exercise your gaming skills and have some entertaining time without playing the actual game. Mini-games can be played alone and even along with other members of the same server.

These were some tips you can use if you wish to join a survival server just as you like. Joining a server according to a player’s preference ensures that the players have a comfortable time being a part of the server.