How To Match Yellow Clothes


Yellow is known as the color of jealousy, but when it comes to clothes, we can say that yellow is the color of courage. You have to show a lot of courage to wear such a striking color, hands down. I for one love yellow even though I consider myself a chicken. I just don’t feel it matches my fair skin very nicely so I’d prefer to use it in clothes that cover the lower half of my body, shoes, or accessories that go nowhere near my face. And I think it works perfectly this way.

If you know a few style tricks you can successfully wear yellow clothes any time of year. These tricks even work with ​oshare kei, so need to worry about anything, just dive into the article. Here are some rules to tastefully match yellow with the rest of your outfit

Yellow allover

If you decide to wear a yellow dress only, you must be very careful with the accessories you pick. It’s wise to not wear too much jewelry that will not only overshadow the dress but it’s also going to overload the whole look. Especially since the yellow color is already very strong and gives the feeling of “too much”.

Pair Yellow with blue

One of the most fashionable combinations is to match it with a deep blue. Whether you opt for a blue dress and accessorize with yellow or a blue skirt and a yellow blouse. In this case pay attention to jewelry.

Colors that match

Besides blue, yellow matches perfectly with white, black, gray, nude, and even purple. You must not be afraid to mix yellow with other colors as strong, but you must give up the accessories while the shoes and purse should be in neutral tones.

Be careful with your makeup

Do not ever make the mistake of trying to match yellow clothes with your makeup. However, no makeup is also not advisable. Without makeup, clothes in a strong color will make you look lifeless. Go for neutral makeup in shades of brown and beige or navy and black at night time. And don’t forget the mascara.

Don’t forget to rock a killer attitude, no matter your style choice

A very important thing when you wear colorful clothes is attitude. Wear yellow like you own the place and make sure you act comfortable and confident.