How To Smoke From A Bong: Tips And Tricks For Perfecting


Smoking from a bong is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite herbs smoothly and enjoyably. But, there’s much more to it than just lighting up and inhaling. Knowing how to smoke from a bong properly can make all the difference in maximizing the flavor, potency, and overall experience. Here’s everything you need to know about smoking from a bong—including tips and tricks for perfecting your technique!

What Is A Bong?

A bong (also known as waterpipe) is an instrument that passes smoke through water before inhalation, making for a smoother and cleaner hit. While there are many types of bongs available on the market today such as glass, ceramic, metal, or acrylic—the most popular type of bong is usually made with glass due to its durability and ability to produce better-tasting hits. The go-to choice for serious smokers looking for top-notch quality is the classic water bong from DopeBoo .

Advantages of smoking from a bong

One of the main benefits of smoking from a bong compared to other methods is that it filters out more tar and carcinogens than traditional joints or pipes. This makes for cleaner hits that are easier on your lungs, throat and mouth. Also, because you don’t have to actually inhale the smoke directly into your lungs like you do with joints or blunts (where you have little control over the amount of smoke you inhale), smoking from a bong allows you to take bigger hits without becoming overwhelmed or coughing excessively.

Preparing your bong before use

Before you take your first hit from your brand new bong, there are a few important steps that need to be taken to get your bong ready for use:

1 – Clean your bong thoroughly

It’s important that you clean your bong thoroughly before using it; this will ensure that no dirt or debris gets stuck in the tube during smoking, which could potentially cause irritation. You can easily clean your new device by using cleaning solutions specifically designed for glass parts, such as rubbing alcohol and salt solution, or if you prefer something more natural, white vinegar works great too! Just be careful not to mix different solutions, as this could damage the glass over time.

2 – Filling your water pipe with the appropriate amount of water

Once you’ve cleaned any residue from the inside of the tube, the next step is to fill it with fresh water (cold tap water works best). Generally speaking, you want to fill up until there is only about an inch or so left below where the bowl meets the main chamber – this helps to ensure optimal percolation (filtering) as you inhale each hit. It’s also important not to overfill, otherwise air won’t be able to pass through properly, resulting in weak tasting vapours instead of thick clouds full of flavour!

3 – Letting the piece dry after washing

Once you have washed out all the residue, it is important to let it dry completely, otherwise there will still be moisture inside which could negatively affect the taste/flavour during each session, so be sure not to let this happen! It’s important to note here that depending on the climatic conditions outside – it may take longer for certain pieces to dry completely, especially if humidity levels are high at the time of washing (e.g. humid summers).

4 – Packing the dish correctly

Now that everything else has been set up correctly, we come to the packing part – which involves loading enough ground herb material into the bowl so that no ‘tunnels’ form when lit, but not too much either – otherwise you risk difficulty inhaling once the bowl has heated up, as clogging would occur due to lack of airflow within the tube itself, as the excess plant material is packed tightly within the bowl chamber itself! To avoid this problem, simply sprinkle some ground material lightly without pressing down too hard – just enough to maintain good contact between each particle should do the trick here!

5 – Lighting & Inhaling Properly

When you are ready to start lighting your herb, just remember one rule: Light slowly & steadily! This means don’t rush the process by heating the entire surface area quickly – instead light small sections at a time, going around the perimeter of the bowl several times until even heat distribution occurs throughout the entire space before starting the inhalation process itself afterwards; doing this helps avoid burning any material unnecessarily which will ruin the flavour/aroma experience associated with each puff taken afterwards! When you are finally ready to start inhaling, you should notice nice thick clouds of vapour entering the tube soon after – this means the job has been done properly beforehand, resulting in a pleasant tasting session soon after 🙂

6 – Enjoy & Relax!

Enjoying yourself isn’t a difficult task when using quality equipment such as those found at DopeBoo – with proper preparation beforehand coupled with effective inhalation technique during the actual session itself, you should find yourself feeling relaxed & satisfied anyway once done 😛 So sit back, relax knowing you did the right thing ahead of time now, kick back and watch the world go by or better yet, go explore new places maybe 😉 Who knows what kind of adventures are waiting to be discovered~!