Is Choosing A Hosting Location Important

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The real or actual location of your web hosting server is much important to consider like all other factors that you are considering while choosing a hosting service provider. This is specifically important when you looking for optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While you consider the real location of your server as so you know, the best location depends on the features of the hosting providers available as well as their connection to the whole world communications network and the closeness of your target markets. You should also widely consider the legal, environmental, political and exchange risks.

Many people started to think with the beginning of cloud computing and the predominance of mobile devices which are using cloud hosted applications, that the real location of computer servers is not specifically important any longer.

Location of a Server

Location of the server is, however, one of the most important factors that can help in increasing the Google’s page rank or other search engine ranking of a specific website. However, a website is surely not going to break their website’s SEO goals, which is why a server location is something to keep in mind in addition to other search engine optimization.

Factors of Location of a Server

Here’s an inclusive overview of the factors of location of a server as well as some information to guide you to make an important decision about where you should host your website or data center location.

  • Specific Area

Professionally, the results of search engines are country specific. So when you want to set a goal of targeting your search to the people in a specific region, you will start getting better result if your website is hosted in that same region. The search engine results are more positive to those websites which are located and hosted within that particular location.

For example, if your website is hosted in Pakistan, a search engine may display different results if the same content is searched outside Pakistan or in China or anywhere else in the world.

  • Business’ Purpose

Location of hosting server is really very important and it depends on your business’ purpose. If you want to sell a product or you provide services that need more user cooperation within a particular region around you, it is recommended that your website’s IP address must be within that country’s IP address range. The SEO uses IP addresses of computers to recognize the exact location of where searching happens. This factor might also help a website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

Yet, if your targeted audience is at a location that is far and is across the continents then you must get your website hosted in that particular area. It is quite an expensive option but still it makes you sure that your website can be locally approachable to the users, which will lead you to have better SEO results.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web spam team, even he has gone on record as he says that related search results are focused in part by the IP address, which as a result is focused by the location of the server.

  • World-Wide Audience

Another factor can be that you want to reach world-wide audience and your business boosts over numerous locations across different countries. In this kind of cases your website must be available in different languages so you must get it hosted at numerous locations. It makes the users across distant locations able to get approach to your website in their own language which results in of course a huge advantage to your business website.

However, the location of servers is related precisely to the real service and speed of cloud hosted applications, websites and even some others factors in how sometimes they are reachable.

  • Speed

Another reason that should be considered carefully is that the actual location of your server can affect the speed big time. Speed is at which your hosted website loads. This is specifically important when there are various searches such as search on a mobile device or a local search.

Research shows that the customers will switch away from a mobile website if its page is not loading within three to five seconds or less. Three seconds may not sound like a very long time when we talk about it but it can point to be a downfall in the sales conversions of the company. As much as we think that the Internet has truly removed boundaries and physical constraints, the location of a data server still counts into the effectiveness of the websites that are being hosted there.


It is concluded that, the hosting location of your website specifically a business website, is very important for a lot of obvious reasons. It can get your more customers from different locations and you can have a profitable business in all over the world.

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