Is It Possible That Parakeets And Cockatiels Live Together? 


It is fun-loving and very exciting to own cockatiels and parakeets. As a reason, both are wonderful species and gregarious birds. If you already own a parakeet and want to own a cockatiel, then it is good news for you. as a reason, both these birds can happily live together. Make sure that you will take some basic precautions in order to maintain hygiene. 

When you own two charming birds, then it will increase your responsibility because taking care of a pet is not an easy task. It will become quite daunting for you to analyze any measurable change in their behavior. Just like you own any other pet, it is very common to own parakeets and cockatiels. They have a very soothing and melodious voice which will bring joy to your ears. 

How do we keep parakeets and cockatiels together?

To keep parakeet and cockatiel together, you must find the right place to keep the cage. You need to make the environment comfortable so that parakeets and cockatiel will make physical contact with each other. There are so many interior elements available that you can keep to make the space neutral. 

You need to install a larger cage, and there should be enough space in your home so that parakeets and cockatiel both will be easily managed together. There are some common issues that you will experience by owning pets, such as bustle and noise. You can also put parakeets and cockatiels in different cages in those instances when cockatiels are dominating. As a reason, there are some fellowed species of cockatiels that are very aggressive and dominating. 

Follow-up dietary needs

When you own both species, then it is important to follow up with the specific dietary needs. As a reason, everything should be nutritional in order to satisfy the needs of both species. Usually, the ingestion of a cockatiel is very large and can be fulfilled by consuming oily seeds. Here you can use the seeds of a sunflower. You can buy some common supplies for both the species, such as water bowls, food bowls, and some other dietary supplements. 

Monitoring behaviors

no matter you own a bird from multiple species or not because it is important for you to know how to monitor behavior. Two species in your home come with bigger responsibility because you can’t feed the same things to both species. Usually, parakeets are aggressive in behavior as compared with cockatiels. They require complete interaction with their owner, so you must learn how to balance things accurately. As a pet owner, you must know how to take proper care of your pet and monitor their behavior. 

Final thoughts

If you own a parakeet, then do not own a dominating cockatiel otherwise, it will result in major fights and disturbance in your home. You have to make choices for hiring a bird species in your home so that there will be fewer chances of cohabitation.