Looking For Good Embroidery Digitizing Company? Check These Five Points First

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If you don’t take the time to look into exactly what you are looking for in an embroidery digitizing company, you could end up feeling disappointed and wasting a lot of time. Outsourcing your digitization for your embroidery business will lead you to a better growth rate and success. 

The software used for digitizing is quite expensive and can turn into an expensive affair. But, you can hire these expert embroidery digitizing companies for better results. Some things that may factor into your decision of which digitizer is right for you are the types of designs offered, price, turnaround time, customer service, and type of embroidery machine. 

The Basics of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing involves using software and hardware to transfer designs from one type of file to another using an embroidery machine or other digitizing tools. First, the software manipulates the embroidery designs into a vector form (a form stored in a digital file), also known as a 3D image. Then, the images can be printed out on different types of materials such as vinyl, fabric, or even paper. This embroidery design can be done through methods such as using vector shapes and free digitizing software with the correct file format.

What To Look For While Hiring Embroidery Digitizing Service?

You may not have considered these items necessary when hiring an embroidery digitizing company, but they can make all the difference! If a digitizing service is unwilling to talk about these topics, it might be best to keep looking. Before hiring these digitizing companies, make sure to consider these five points first.

  • Level of Relevant Knowledge

A good digitizing agency should have relevant knowledge of the various embroidery designs to incorporate that knowledge into their digitizing work. You don’t want your digitizing agency to create symbols in a way that is completely different from what you wanted. Make sure your digitizing experts have skills that align with the techniques used for the project you have commissioned. For example, if you have logo embroidery designs, then ensure that they understand how to create a logo and incorporate it into their digitizing work. 

  • Price

The price of their service says a lot about the efficiency and ability of the embroidery digitizing company you are hiring. Many companies are offering cheap services, but the quality of their work is poor, and they will not be able to offer you a quality product. It’s better to pay more money to receive a good quality of work than to pay little upfront and face stitching problems down the road.

  • Turn Around Time

Companies with faster turnaround times may be better for you if your business requires you to have digitized designs quickly. Just make sure that the faster turnaround time comes with no compromise in the quality of work. Ask about their typical turnaround time and see if it can meet your requirements before hiring them or find another company that can meet those requirements. A good embroidery digitizer should finish projects within the time allotted. They will implement a better working-level using free digitizing software for better results.

  • Quality And Reliability

Ask your digitizing agency to show you full-color photos of past embroidery with any logos, text, and designs they have created. If they are unwilling to provide that information, it is best to look for another company. A good digitizing contractor should have a friendly staff willing to answer any questions you might have about how your order was done, how long it typically takes, etc. Also, it is best if your digitizer provides either a refund or a free expedited version of any materials used for your order when something goes wrong. 

  • Type of Embroidery Machine They Use

Make sure the embroidery digitizers you hire to use the same machine you do. Using a different type of machine can cause problems in the future when you need repairs or want them to digitize more designs for your business. Remember that digitizing companies will help you when your machine stops in the future.

Digitizing is the process of creating digital images for embroidery and sewing. It involves using software to manipulate the images to create a file that an embroidery machine can read.