Minecraft Structure- Coming Back Full Circle


Have you ever psychoanalyzed the phenomena regarding video games and their unending popularity among the general youth? It is quite uncanny how entertainment has such an enormous impact on the psyche of a human being that is totally taken in by it.

It is none more evident than with movies and video games where there isn’t any need to explain how pop culture movie stars have youngsters eating out of their hand but video games are in a class of their own.

Whether it is super Mario or Dangerous Dave, Contra or Ninja Roberts, Pokemon or Star Wars, you name it and a long line of examples can be penned down but today we are going to talk about Minecraft as to how its building blocks come a full circle in the literal sense.

Creative Genius

We have Jens Bergensten to thank for bringing Minecraft into our lives through our smart phones for it was his creative genius through which gamers all around could find an alternative for the preexisting war craft ventures although this one was unique in its own way.

It basically takes play in a 3D infinite terrain where you have that has blocked structures where all the players that have to construct blocks by unearthing raw materials from the ground and start crafting items with the tools that are found.

Earthwork structure consists of engineering new skyscraping structures to replace the old ones where the game mode gets tougher as the levels move up and the mobsters that are computer controlled have to be warded off as well.

There are two modes in this game- survival and creative where you need to acquire resources in the former to create a new world, keep in good health and fight back the enemies while in the latter you have unlimited resources and access to complicated levels.

The game was tested for a few years before being made public in 2009 eventually releasing two years later with much fanfare and quickly became the best-selling video game of all time.

As of 2021, it has sold more than 300 million copies with nearly 180 million active users worldwide with many others taking to it like fish to water where you can find many creative experts adding their own ideas with resources where they utilize it on the enemy without letting them know what hit them and from where.

Circle Theory

When you have something as important as circle theory, it reminds you of a strategic warfare where soldiers from both sides are planning things out to engineer an attack without the other side getting wind of the plot.

It is no rocket science for creating a circle in Minecraft provided you have 1×1 square blocks that come into place on the world because of its grid like structure and it is due to this size that the surface becomes smoother.

The circle formation is typically done in vanilla mode for that is how its creator Mojang Studios wanted it and Jens developed in accordance with their demands, which only added to the epic scenes of the blocks.

The alt shops utilize command blocks through Mysicat, a renowned YouTuber, who created armored stands along with a series of console commands where the builders involved showcase their planning technique and tactical approach in creating the blocks.

Mysticat has created the instructions in a step by step phase in language that is understandable to beginners where he has mentioned the significance of command blocks through which players can avail privileges at every new level and perks that will help them see through them.