Music Download- Serene Pastime

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What is the one thing that gives utmost calm to your heart and mind? It isn’t love as popular opinion goes as the topic has been beaten to death but we’ll talk about its counterpart music in this article.

It is because love is considered the biggest inspiration to music and sometimes the vice versa is true as well and we all know that the human psyche is such that it takes to music the moment the heart, mind and ears are exposed to it.

Music can be of various types like pop, soft, rock and roll, melody, classical, country and so on and today we’re discussing about the topic of music download because it has become an obsession for one and all in a big way.

Brief Description

The good old days of long play records have long gone out of fashion and now you can download millions of songs in a device smaller than your thumb but the problem is which one to choose from.

There are hundreds of music websites and platforms that are waiting to be unearthed with the most popular ones being HMV, T-Series, iTunes and several others so you can be sure to unearth hidden gems that have escaped popular memory and are probably waiting for the recognition they deserve.

Irrespective of whether you are new to the concept of music download or have access to different music sites in the vicinity there is always something new to learn about regarding different fields.

If the topic is as varied and diverse as music, not to mention hundreds of genres and sub-genres, you can be sure that there are just as many websites and platforms to cater to the taste of the masses and classes.

The problem is that most of the times the taste of mass and class doesn’t collide which is why some websites are partial to certain genres in order to cater only to their target audience.

It is your choice whether you want to download songs on your laptop or hear them on your speaker via Bluetooth but today we’ll list out certain online music downloading tips that can be easily used whether it is Download Lagu or any other portal.


  1. Every website has its own music file format regarding download like mp3, mp4, mp5, etc. so compare it with the portable player that you have so that the downloading process will be easy but many people have deemed mp3 as the best of the lot as you needn’t convert to them to another format in order to work on your own player
  2. As mentioned above, there are multiple downloading websites that have music of diverse genres but there are some that want to listen to selective ones like jazz, samba, rock, and roll, etc. all of which have multiple sub-genres so they’re always preferred amongst others
  3. As with anything digital and electronic, you need to have a strong internet connection with 24/7 Wi-Fi service because downloading is slow in a dial-up connection so make sure that your Local Area and Wireless Network is strong so that downloading is fast
  4. Online music sites have to be secured so as to prevent falling prey to hackers because it makes the users’ data settings vulnerable to their devious access so avoid those sites that pester you with pop-ups and ads for revenue