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Hemp is a plant that has many uses. It can be used in building, textiles, paper pulp, and so much more. However, the one thing it’s most commonly known for is its industrial use as an oilseed crop. There are currently more than 7 million acres of hemp grown in the U.S., and Canada alone grows nearly a quarter of all hemp worldwide. CBD flower from cheefbotanicals are truly the best on the market.

There is a lot of confusion about how to store hemp flowers and leaves. This article will explain how to store your hemp flowers, as well as what you should know before storing them. 

The first step when storing hemp flowers is to make sure they’re clean. You want to remove any dirt or debris from the stem before storing them. Use a stiff brush to remove any insects or bugs. If you don’t clean them up properly, you risk spreading bacteria and other diseases around. 

You’ll also need to remove any seeds. Most plants produce seeds when they come into contact with water; however, hemp doesn’t. Instead, it produces small amounts of resin when exposed to moisture. Removing these seeds will prevent mold growth. Once you’ve cleaned the flower, you can move on to the next steps. 

Step 2: Dry the Hemp Flower 

Once you have removed any insects or fungus, you can begin drying the plant out. The best way to do this is by hanging the flower upside down in a warm place where there’s no humidity. You can hang them in an empty closet or garage. Alternatively, you can put them under a fan in an open area. The key here is temperature, so make sure you choose an area that’s not too hot or cold. 

Drying the hemp flower may take anywhere between 12 hours and three weeks. Don’t worry if it takes longer than expected; just keep checking on the plant every now and then. When you think the hemp flower is dry enough, check the stems. They should feel brittle and hard like a stick. If they don’t feel right, you still have a few days until they’re ready to use. 

If you live in a humid climate, you might want to use a dehumidifier to help speed up the drying process. Make sure you clean the container you’re using though because the flowers will absorb moisture through the air. If you have a good airflow in your home, drying the flowers shouldn’t be an issue at all. 

Step 3: Store the Hemp Flower in a Container 

Now you’re almost done! All that’s left to do is put the dried hemp flower in a container. To protect the flowers from dust, you’ll want to line the bottom of the container with some paper towels, which will absorb any excess moisture. After placing the flowers inside the container, cover them with another layer of paper towels. Make sure you only put one layer of paper towels in the bottom of the container – you don’t want it to get wet and moldy. 

Make sure the container you choose is airtight. If you don’t seal off the top, the moisture can escape and cause mold growth throughout the rest of the storage period. However, sealing the container won’t stop the moisture from escaping, which could lead to mold growth anyway. Also, make sure your container has a tight lid so that you can control the amount of air coming in and out. 

Step 4: Keep the Container Cool 

The last step is to keep the container cool. Ideally, you want to keep everything in the same room so that it stays at the same temperature. If you leave the container outside in direct sunlight, it will lose heat faster and could become moldy. Just make sure you bring it back inside once the weather gets warmer. 

After you’ve put away your hemp blossoms, you ought to trust that the buds will begin shaping. Contingent upon the climate, it can take somewhere in the range of two to four months for the buds to frame. During this time, you ought to mind the hemp blossoms frequently to ensure they haven’t gotten rotten. Assuming they appear as though they’re beginning to become green, you ought to dispose of them right away.

Remember that you ought to store your hemp blossoms in a dim space. Assuming you have direct daylight, the blossoms might begin becoming brown and withered. On the off chance that this occurs, you can constantly purchase new ones. Make sure to eliminate any bugs or bugs prior to putting away them in a dim area. If not, they might develop into bigger bugs.

However long you keep these basic rules, you’ll have the option to store your hemp blossoms appropriately. In the event that you don’t, you risk discarding your whole group. With appropriate consideration, you might save your buds for some time in the future.