Take Fun Quiz To Find Out The Titans’ Character Inside Oneself

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Narration is the process of telling a story through different mediums. Comedy has always been the best form of narration. This is because the narration of the comedy genre involves using humor and punch lines to add interest to the storyline. This concept of narration became so popular throughout the decades that written and graphic forms of narration also developed. Comics were developed in the year 1897. It involved the usage of graphical illustrations combined with textual devices to narrate the whole gist of the story. The concept of comics was popularized instantaneously due to its unique narration techniques. The United Kingdom is known to create the first-ever comic book, but in recent days, Japan has left every other country behind in terms of comics. 

Japanese Comics

Japan has a link with comics deeper than anyone knows. Shreds of historical evidence suggest that the Japanese have been involved with comic creation for longer than any other country. Japanese comic scrolls have been found dating back to the 12th century. The name Manga knows the comics produced and developed in the country of Japan. The Japanese are famous for their manga series such as Dragon Ball Z, Attack On Titans, etc. The current scenario of manga series is more than enough to understand that Japan has been using its best resources to create and publish comics. The recent series named Attack On Titans is gaining exceptional fame all around the globe. This is because the storyline of the manga series is phenomenal.

Attack On Titans

Attack on titans is a manga series initially developed and published in Japan. This series has a strong storyline and is set in a world where humans live confined within three walls fearing the giant humanoid robots. This story was originally published as a manga series and then recreated as anime. Anime are animated versions of the same manga series. The creation of anime in this series appealed to a vast portion of the young and middle-aged generation. This has made this story an exceptional commercial success. The huge success and popularity of the anime are why there are hundreds of online quizzes and competitions going on, such as which attack on titan character are you, and so on. 

Popularity Of Anime And Manga

The exceptional success of any movie or anime results in the sudden crowding of social media and all other platforms with related products and posts. This is because the instant popularization of any graphics novel means a very high appeal to the audience. The sudden popularity of the attack on titans implies the same promotional power to the anime. Therefore, many online quizzes and competitions are being organized all over the internet, such as which attack on titan character are you. This is being done to attract the attention of a significant portion of the population to the host website. This does not imply that the quizzes and competitions are fake. These activities are prepared using great analysis and detailed research to ensure that users experience quality time on the website. 

Manga Or Anime Quizzes

Quizzes based on anime or manga series are pretty interesting. This is because the anime and manga series are conceptualized in great detail with retrospect to the real-world scenarios. Every detail stands for something important in the story. The quizzes are prepared using the information available in the series or anime itself. Therefore, there is no limit to the lengths of analysis one can go to create a super challenging and fun quiz. Manga fans take these quizzes as a challenge and prove their dedication to the franchise.