The Best PC Hacks You Should Know

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In the tech world, most people try to find ways to maximize their computer’s potential. To that end, they need to know about some of the best pc hacks available out there. Knowing these pc hacks can help you increase your productivity and get more out of your computer. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top pc hacks that you should know about.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

One of the best PC hacks is using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to complete tasks more quickly than if you had to use a mouse or other input device. For example, pressing Ctrl + S on Windows systems allows you to save an open document without having to go through multiple menus or steps. There are many other shortcuts that can make using your computer much easier and faster.

2. Clean up your desktop

Another great productivity hack is to tidy up your desktop. Having files scattered all over your desktop makes it harder to find what you need when you need it, which can lead to wasted time looking for things instead of getting work done. Taking a few minutes each day or week to tidy up your desktop and delete unnecessary files will not only make your workspace look better, but will also increase your efficiency in no time.

3. Customise your operating system.

Most modern operating systems, such as Windows 10, come with a wealth of customization options that allow users to tailor their experience to their needs and preferences. Whether it’s changing background images or setting up custom hotkeys, taking advantage of these features can make using the operating system much easier and faster than before, as everything is laid out exactly the way you want it to be at all times.

4. Turn off unnecessary programs and services

Every operating system comes pre-installed with a number of programs that may not be necessary for day-to-day use, but which can still eat up valuable resources such as memory and CPU power by running in the background without anyone noticing unless they take a closer look at the Task Manager or Activity Monitor (on the Mac). It is recommended that users regularly check which programs/services are running to identify any unnecessary ones so that they can disable them from automatically starting each time the computer is started in the future, which will easily save both time and resources in the long run.

5 . Use cloud storage services

Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. offer excellent ways for users to store large amounts of data safely, securely, and consistently offsite, ensuring easy access anytime, anywhere, along with added benefits such as automatic backup and sync capabilities that make overall task management much smoother. Such services are perfect for users who have a lot of files, including documents, pictures, music, etc. that need to be backed up frequently. Cloud storage services not only free up hard drive space but also give users the peace of mind that their data is safe in any situation!

6 . Optimise your web browser

For those who spend most of their time browsing the web either for leisure or for research on subjects related to school/work, then optimizing web browsers could definitely boost productivity significantly due to the results experienced after applying tweaks optimization techniques made available for certain browsers like Firefox / Chrome, etc. These optimizations include tweaking the startup behavior, removing unused plugins, disabling tracking tools, adding speed dial pages, automatically setting the home page and others, and allowing the user to quickly navigate to the sites they want to visit by simply clicking the shortcut button instead of manually typing the full website address each time!

7 . Maintain regular updates

Keeping firmware updates on currently installed applications is essential to ensure the device runs in the optimal condition from a security point of view because newer versions contain bug fixes and patches thereby eliminating known vulnerabilities while introducing new features making sure the user will be able to enjoy greater better performance anytime experiencing slower speed compared to before! Therefore, having a routine maintenance schedule is the highly recommended person to ensure important components are updated ensuring a smooth functioning machine!

8 . Automate repetitive tasks

Lastly, a key way to become an efficient, efficient way to automate repetitive tasks and prevent the wastage of a lot of manual labor involved in performing the same type of operations again and again over a period of time resulting in an improved workflow process afterward! This basically involves creating macro scripts that instruct the program to perform required actions on given instructions while achieving the desired result specified within a specified time frame thus reducing human intervention dramatically way!


These were some best pc hacks that people across the globe should be aware of in order to increase overall productivity in home office environments alike! By utilizing the tips mentioned above, individuals will be able to take control of the machine ensuring that it runs smoothly and optimally even under heavy load usage scenarios henceforth providing edge competition where applicable!