The New Trend With Dark Academia Clothing

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As far as everyone was concerned, dark academia was something that was bound to your literature books. The genre that has been engaged with the pursuit of knowledge in death had been on a rising trend due to its dark nature. But never had anyone imagined a time when death came knocking on your closet instead.

Wait, not death. It is the dark academia genre that came knocking on your closet. The rightful credits of introducing these fashion lines go to the TikTok influencer. If it weren’t for them, this interesting trend would’ve been left unheard. That being said, what exactly encompasses dark academia clothing?

What Is Encompassed In This Clothing Style?

Well, as soon as this trend came about, it had been compared to the gothic style. But the only similarity between them is the dark theme of the clothing. Otherwise, in terms of literature, the themes are entirely different from one another.

The gothic style came from the rock and roll genre of music. Hardcore music with some strong headbanging is the classic origin of rebel clothes. The kind of dark, almost all black, clothes that everyone stayed away from.

Even though dark academia is also swirling around dark clothes as well. The dark clothes are only there because the genre itself relates to dark thinking like death. But unlike gothic clothing, these clothing are rather appreciated within a high school dress code.

Does This Clothing Include Any Accessories?

Like any other fashion, dark academia clothing also has its set of accessories. You can usually find people with a leather messenger bag or a smaller leather backpack. But the most pleasing accessory that completes this aesthetic is a book tucked under your arm.

Since this fashion theme has been deemed for the typical ‘nerds’ of high school, you can always find them with books. But if you want to take your style up a notch then a cup of coffee or tea will be perfect. Round glasses can also be used to give you the right nerdy vibes. But otherwise, you are good to go with just a messenger bag.

Sometimes, one can also add head accessories like beret or hairbows. But this is seen to rather change the aesthetic than enhance it.

Which Clothes Come In This Line?

The most common ones are plaid skirts with sweaters. The skirt used can be long or short, depending on your preference. But if you are going in sweaters, then they should be dark-coloured. Otherwise, the entire vibe just becomes different.

Also, another common piece of clothing under this line is a plain blazer. You can buy all of these in a thrift store and must also be from the vintage collection. Also, if you are choosing a shirt over a sweater, then the sleeves have to be cuffed. This gives you an intellectual vibe which is what we are aiming for.

And if you want to go with trousers instead of skirts, then it is better to go for the woollen or corduroy material. This adds to the intellectual vibe.