Various Ways to Restore Deleted World in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a game of building, exploration, and imagination. It has been around since 2009 and is still growing in popularity. The world consists of cubic blocks that players can break apart or combine to create various structures. In Minecraft, colour can be used as an element to make exciting shapes or change the texture of certain blocks. There are also creatures and items players can find, which add even more possibilities for creativity.

If you didn’t know, Minecraft players can delete their entire world and start over from scratch by using the /worldedit command. However, if you have deleted a planet and want to get it back, you need to restore it from a backup or clone. You can find out how to do so in the following details, as here you will learn about the significant ways to restore your world.

Various Ways to Restore the Deleted World –

Minecraft players are responsible for saving their worlds frequently to avoid losing them forever. While it is accurate that you can delete your world, you should always make a backup first in the case of any unexpected accidents. 

When a player deletes their world, all of the changes that have been made are erased, but when backing up their worlds, they will be saved for later use. After restoring a backup copy of the world that has been deleted, players can continue working as if nothing had happened. There are lots of ways to fix your world, for example:

  • Restore a Backup Copy of Your Deleted World – 

If you have backed up your world before deleting it, you may try to use that copy to restore the world. To do so, you will need the world file. As long as the file is kept in good condition, you should be able to use it to restore the world. Re-creating the world with the backup file is easy. First, drop the file in Minecraft.

  • Restore a Cloned World – 

Sometimes, you need to clone a world, and you can do that by using another copy of your world. The copied version will be identical to your backup, so you should be able to restore it. To clone a world, change one variable in your original file, i.e., move the “old” variable to another block of text or add it to some bytecode manipulation method. Don’t try to restore the World to an old saved state or world. You might lose your whole world and start over again.

  • Restore a Deleted World from another List – 

If you have deleted your world and want to get it back, you can save a list of all the players that share the same world or another player’s saved worlds. If a player keeps their world on their computer and deletes it, you can save their name in the list and restore their world in your Minecraft account. To restore a planet from another list, you will have to create a new world and use the seed of the worlds you want to convert.

  • Restore a Deleted World from a Different Computer –

If you have accidentally deleted your world, you will be able to restore it from a different computer. To do so, you have to set up the server with the same version, settings, and content on your old computer. Then use /seed and spawnpoint commands to set up the location of your world to start playing.

Players should always be careful when deleting their worlds because they may not be able to restore them. There are, however, ways to fix a deleted world in Minecraft. The above details will help you find out those methods.