Water Helps Lose Weight- Know the benefits of water

Weight Loss

You may have heard that drinking plenty of water daily can help you lose weight. A recent study has shown that drinking plenty of water allows you to record every day about 50 calories more per liter drink. May not appear much, but the benefits do not stop drinking water here.

In 2003, another study conducted by researchers at the Berlin Institute concluded that consumption of 500 ml of water increases the functions metabolic half an hour later. During this time more than 25 calories are burned. The explanation given by the researchers include the fact that the stomach Heat the water, so it requires more energy to complete this task.

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Why you should drink more water to lose weight

There are a number of reasons. First, make a difference in the amount of food they consume. Once you start eating, take up to 20 minutes for the stomach “Account” is satisfied and hunger to dissipate. But if you take a large glass of water just before eating, your stomach will be satisfied sooner and, therefore, is to eat less. Eating less means less consumption of calories and puts the odds more in your favor.

Another consideration is kidney function. You’d be surprised how much the kidneys play a role in regulating our metabolism and overall health, including blood pressure, etc. You need to do everything possible to “take the load off” the kidneys. The metabolic process of burning fat that your body will to produce the waste to be eliminated through the kidneys. It is therefore essential that you drink more water to help the kidneys to perform their duties so efficiently as possible.

For diets containing high protein content, water is even more important because these diets detoxify the body and produce more waste. You can even feel thirsty again, confirming this.

Drinking plenty of water also has the effect of “laundering” their gut thickness, which is good for overall health and a more efficient metabolism. In fact, those who are in favor of colonic irrigation suggests that drinking 6 glasses of water first morning may have the same effect as an enema. This “detoxification of the colon” to start the day will get rid of many substances that house field and played in the intestinal mucosa. You should notice a substantial difference to your overall health within 30 days.

The Berlin studio above recommendation we consume 8 glasses of clean water that adds almost 1.5 liters of normal water consumption. Do this and you must burn an average of 100 calories more than normal. In combination with nutrition and diet that help significantly with weight loss. But drinking water should not be excessive because it can have negative effects. Water consumption should be proportional to the level of salt in the body during the electrolysis process to work properly. Salt levels should be maintained so may lead to hyponatremia (Disorders of electrolytes in blood plasma) that is usually followed by heart attacks and even death. Too much water can dilute the salt in the blood and tissues. This has caused some deaths among athletes, who lose salt through perspiration.

Exercise and water

As noted, consumption of water is very important when we exercise. It is good that every time you walk, run, exercise, or even dancing (great exercise), you remember a container with water. And if you are sweating excessively, eat something salty and did not feel good afterwards.

The water is so important to health that can not replace otherwise. Over 60 percent of the human body is water. So, even if not thirsty, drink water with confidence.